Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga (HSTY)

Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga (HSTY) is a project set up by Mohanji Foundation globally to propagate traditional yoga, i.e. the essence of yoga as per the original teachings codified by Maharishi Patanjali. Our objective is to promote a culture of yoga and make it accessible to all of mankind, beyond boundaries of country, religion, gender, class and wealth.

At its core, traditional yoga is all about simplicity and about being natural. A yogi is natural, i.e. a state where the body, mind and soul are in unison. This leads to health and equanimity, a state where we are happy and without anxieties, anger or stress. We do not look at yoga as exercise, rather as a set of practices that help take one back to one’s original state.

Himalayan school of Traditional Yoga logo

The logo is simple, yet deep in meaning. The glow and peace visible on the face of the yogi symbolise the state of samadhi. The circles have multiple meanings – the 5 elements, the 5 koshas, the 5 pranas, the 5th dimension, … A perfect yogi transcends all of these to merge with the light of the universe symbolized by the surrounding white background. The circles also signify the progressive movement from the gross (dark) to the subtle (light). The gold colour on the font highlights the Golden Tradition represented by Mohanji and followed by all seekers on the path of liberation.

HSTY’s yoga lessons are presented in the original form as it existed eons ago, with no change in form or presentation.Unlike many of the Yoga schools today, which pay more attention to the element of fitness thus making Yoga practice suited to the specific interests of groups, HSTY remains loyal to the original teachings marked by the simplicity and depth of practice.
Hence, traditional yoga is easy for people to adopt into their daily lives and benefit from the practice. Systematic practice of traditional yoga helps people break free from complexities of life and obtain relief from physical, mental or psychosomatic illnesses. Furthermore, healthy and happy people can contribute significantly to the upliftment of society.

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With a holistic approach combining asanas, pranayama, chanting, meditation and diet, HSTY’s yoga programs are designed to bring peace and health to all people. HSTY conducts a number of programs for people across various levels of proficiency – from beginners to intermediate to advanced. HSTY’s yoga sessions form an integral part of spiritual retreats organized by Mohanji Foundation. Further, HSTY is currently working on customized yoga programs for corporate groups. As the School expands, teacher’s training modules will be launched to spread knowledge and take traditional yoga to all corners of the world. Besides formal programs, a key emphasis of HSTY would be on conducting free yoga sessions to educate more people on traditional yoga.

For more details on upcoming programs, please write to yoga@mohanji.org. Or look for announcements on our FB page.



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Devi MohanDevi Mohan
In June 2016, during the Retreat with Mohanji in Croatia, we had the pleasure of experiencing beautiful Yoga sessions with Sanjay Sir as per Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga.The bhaav (feeling) with which Sanjay Sir conducted daily Yoga sessions touched our hearts. It felt as if throughout each session he prayed for all of us to truly experience the depth of Yogic practice.Morning sessions during sunrise by the sea were mild, suitable to people of all fitness levels, and afternoon sessions were more intense, for more advance practitioners. Every day we learned something new as the tempo and intensity increased. Individual consultations with Sanjay Sir were wonderful and his knowledge of meridians and human body kept us in awe.In the Western yogic practice the main accent is on the workout aspect of Yoga, i.e. on Yoga asanas. Through Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga we experienced a perfect blend of warmup exercises, Yoga asanas, pranayama, mantra chanting and meditation. The overall sattwik effect was truly beautiful and memorable.
Manu Gupta, Virginia, USAManu Gupta, Virginia, USA
Having practiced different styles of Yoga taught by different teachers, the impact of the HSTY style was immediate. The yoga routine designed by Sanjay Sir in the traditional style beautifully flows from simple exercises gradually flowing to basic yoga postures leading to Sun Salutations – Surya Namaskar. The uniqueness of the Surya Namaskar is that at each stage (posture) there is a mantra invoking Surya (the Sun God) to be chanted making it a sublime practice. The pranayama exercises are rejuvenating!Last but not the least the Yoga practice concludes with Laughter Yoga – it is contagious and relaxes the whole body. It triggers release of endorphins, promoting overall sense of well-being!I highly recommend the HTSY yoga practice – it’s fun and very enjoyable!
Neha Parekh, Toronto, CanadaNeha Parekh, Toronto, Canada
Himalayan traditional yoga is a unique sadhana felt through my soul. Yogacharya Sanjay made each asana feel majestic leaving each person practicing this divine sadhana with a beautiful connection with their heart, mind and soul. Each asana is followed by an intuitive meditation for a few seconds increasing our connectivity to ourself. This yoga brings peace within and around us, a calmness that one can never imagine and a closeness to the Divine that can only be called a gift from HSTY to me.
Sahar Aloumi, Dubai, UAESahar Aloumi, Dubai, UAE
Master Sanjay Sir did such a great job. We are blessed to have him in Dubai. He truly makes yoga simple and efficient and inspire us to practice yogic exercise daily. We are so blessed.
Andra Baylus, Virginia, USAAndra Baylus, Virginia, USA
HSTY has been a gentle way for me to experience the healing power of Yoga. It has an inherent intelligence imbedded in the exercises which shows an understanding of what the body really needs to come alive and to function at its fullest potential. The benefits of the stretching of every part of our bodies can be felt immediately! You feel energized and, amazingly, that energy pours over into the next set of exercises. I have felt closer to nature, closer to my fellow beings and actually, to all of creation than ever before. Doing yoga as per HSTY has improved, not only the health of my physical body, but has cultivated my being more of a spiritual presence in the world ....able to access higher realms of Being that encourage a devotion to those we love and...to those whom we need to love. I am a more awakened soul than ever before because of HSTY.I would encourage anyone who wants to progress on the spiritual path to sample the many benefits that participating in HSTY offers...
Megan Watson, Toronto, CanadaMegan Watson, Toronto, Canada
Thank you so much for blessing us with this beautiful yoga. The postures felt familiar. It felt amazing to get into them and breathe through them with your help and Mohanji’s grace.
Biljana Vozarevic, Novi Sad, SerbiaBiljana Vozarevic, Novi Sad, Serbia
I was excited to learn and present a Yoga session by HSTY on 21st June for IDY. When I saw a lot of mantras, I was not set aback, I learnt them by heart and am willing to use them in my future practice. I was excited to share this amazing chance to feel and practice Yoga in its original form, with appropriate sequencing while being deeply connected with the divine within. With Sanjay Sir’s consultations and dedication, I managed and the group enjoyed in a relaxed and easy way in fresh air in our green summer Futoski park. Peaceful, easy asanas accompanied with mantras and laughter at the end was not only well accepted but also enjoyed with full heart. The asanas are simple, yet energising and the feeling of love permeated all the session. Gratitude to Sanjay Sir and Mohanji for bringing Yoga in this pure and original form to the world, to lead people to higher states of well-being and awareness.
Devi Mohan from Novi Sad, SerbiaDevi Mohan from Novi Sad, Serbia
In June 2016, during the Yoga and Detox Retreat with Mohanji in Croatia, we had the pleasure of experiencing beautiful Yoga sessions with Sanjay Sir as per the program of Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga. The bhaav (feeling) with which Sanjay Sir conducted daily Yoga sessions touched our hearts. It felt as if throughout each session he prayed for all of us to truly experience the depth of Yogic practice. Mantras and Pranayamas interwoven with the asanas took us deep within. Morning sessions by the sea during sunrise were exceptionally beautiful. They were mild, suitable to people of all fitness levels, while afternoon sessions were more intense, for more advance practitioners. Every day we learned something new as the tempo and intensity of practice increased. Individual consultations with Sanjay Sir, during which he amazed us with his knowledge of human body and its meridians, were deeply appreciated by all. As a Yoga teacher I was deeply touched, humbled and impressed. I truly look forward to seeing HSTY blossom as more people experience its immense benefits. I hope to be able to contribute to the same.
Noora Deen, Dubai, UAENoora Deen, Dubai, UAE
Sanjay Sir is an extraordinary teacher of yoga. His demonstrations and explanations has made it possible for all people to have traditional yoga in ther life on a daily basis. It was a truly a beautiful experience and a wonderful blessing for all of us.