Blossoms of Love (BOL) free guided meditation from Mohanji

A 30-minute guided meditation to connect to your infinite consciousness.


This meditation allows one to grow unconditional love that culminates in a feeling of containing the entire universe within them. This meditation teaches one to acknowledge and become familiar with their infinite consciousness, as well as understand their relationship with the universe. Experience yourself as the fountain or source of unconditional love and peace, and shower every activity of the universe with love and peace, as you witness it inside of you. As you experience the brightness of love, learn to be this brightness all the time. Learn to love unconditionally and to share it with the world all the time. Learn to always remain happy and peaceful and thus keep every being around you happy and peaceful.

The powerful meditation is best described by the phrases: Blossoms of Love. Springs of Love. Being Love. Fragrance of Love. This blissful meditation is well suited for children who want to begin their spiritual journey.

Our relaxing meditations are non-denominational and suitable for everyone regardless of their cultural or religious background or leaning. The awakening meditations cater to all ages from kids, children, teenagers, young adults to senior citizens. The healing meditations are equally beneficial to all – be they beginners who are new to meditation or advanced spiritual seekers who have been practicing for many years. Simply download them for free from the above links, find a quiet space to sit, relax with the soothing background meditation music and let yourself be guided by Mohanji’s script.

Experience it, enjoy it, benefit from it and be liberated.