Bliss of Silence (BOS) free guided meditation from Mohanji

A 30-minute powerful guided meditation to expand your consciousness to reveal your true identity.
This meditation is ideal for any spiritual aspirant, from a busy businessman to a teenager. It firstly helps create awareness of your own physical being, and slowly merges this awareness into stillness. At the point of stillness, the Guru principle is invoked in your own self and grace descends. You are merged into the protective embrace of oneness with the Guru principle. All this happens while you are guided to expand your consciousness. This meditation increases awareness, connects you to the Guru principle, allows you to merge with the Guru consciousness and receive grace. The Bliss of Silence meditation expands your consciousness to reveal your true identity.

Through this meditation, you enter into a zone which is totally empty, where there is nothing. Total emptiness. No thoughts. You are not pushed into activity or thinking. When the lungs are very peaceful and silent, the system becomes silent. Feel your lungs and make sure you are silent. Everything becomes silent and then it’s a state of peace and bliss. You wouldn’t care what’s happening outside. No matter what happens outside, you feel, “It’s ok, I’m peaceful.” You are able to go withinto a zone where you are extremely peaceful. The benchmark of your progress in spirituality is silence. Silence leads to liberation.
– Mohanji

Our relaxing meditations are non-denominational and suitable for everyone regardless of their cultural or religious background or leaning. The awakening meditations cater to all ages from kids, children, teenagers, young adults to senior citizens. The healing meditations are equally beneficial to all – be they beginners who are new to meditation or advanced spiritual seekers who have been practicing for many years. Simply download them for free from the above links, find a quiet space to sit, relax with the soothing background meditation music and let yourself be guided by Mohanji’s script.

Experience it, enjoy it, benefit from it and be liberated.