360 degree meditation from Mohanji

The 360 degrees meditation is for rooting yourself in your spine. The spine is your stairway to heaven – the more you root yourself in it, the less you associate yourself with the usual 120 degrees ear-to-ear operating level. When the remaining 240 degrees that we miss everyday is added on, we operate in the 360 degrees mode wherein we become immune to the usual drama of emotions and egoistic arguments. If we operate in this absolute level, we will no longer be vulnerable as we were in the usual front-footed way. The intellect will be in charge and we will respond more than react. Balance, peace and equanimity prevail and the operating platform changes to unconditional love. Arguments, fights and anxiety reduce, and as a result energy is preserved.
– Mohanji

Why 360 degrees? Usually every human being operates in 120 degrees of frontal awareness which is enough to just operate in daily life. Because all our senses are in the front, our mind also goes out with the senses to the front. All beings are front-oriented. What about the 240 degrees behind us? This is important. Until that is connected, we are never complete. Each one of us has felt some level of incompleteness at some point in time. This is not the real me. Who am I? Everybody has asked this question. I am not what I seem to be. I must be more than this. The answer is in completion. When we took the first ever birth on this plane, we came with full awareness. Then we lost track, we got entangled and missed the other 240 degrees. But awareness is like our shadow, always ready for us to tap into. We don’t tap into it because we get caught up in daily life. Once this is conglomerated, we are complete again. That is why basing on the spine is important. We have to shift from the front to the middle. Anxieties, fears and so on only make us vulnerable, incapacitated, disabled, when we operate from the front. They cannot touch us when we are based in the spine.
When we shift our consciousness to the spine and to 360 degrees; the impact, the wear and tear of the events that we are exposed to in daily life, will be very less. Nothing will touch us deeply. Nothing will affect us. Nothing will overwhelm us. We will maintain perfect equanimity and deep gratitude. Nothing happens by accident. Everything has a perfect reason. We often cannot understand the reason from our level of consciousness. That’s all. Our inability should not be interpreted as cosmic deficiency. Cosmic perfection is infinite and incomparable. When we attain liberation, we shift from our limited senses to unlimited awareness.
It is like a martial artist who says that his whole body serves as his eyes. This means we should be aware of everything around us. This is concentration and awareness. Usually all of us are ‘front-oriented’ operating in 120 degrees, due to the limitation of our senses. When our sense barrier is broken and our awareness level spreads around us, we become centered in our spine. We become completely balanced. And we will operate from our higher awareness plane. The result? No anxiety, no fear, no guilt, witness consciousness, unconditional love, compassion, total equanimity.
Being ‘spine-oriented’ is a big shift. This is why 360 degrees awareness is important. We automatically reach that level when the Shakti energy meets Shiva at our sahasraara, the top of our head. Practicing to be on that level will help you to shift to that level easily and at will. Training yourself to have 360 degrees awareness will help your spiritual evolution. You will become barrier-less.
The purpose of 360 degrees meditation is also to anchor us into our spine and bring the breath to the centre. During this powerful meditation, we shift our awareness to the spine. When we shift our consciousness to our spine, by breathing through our spine, we start operating in 360 degrees. Thus, the push of the senses reduces. We are not pressured to do action anymore. No “pressure for pleasure” anymore!
360 degrees meditation is basically vertical breathing in a systematic way so that one stays in the center which takes one to silence. The 360 degrees is a meditation because we are deliberately cleansing the chakras in a certain way so that the higher energies can be accessed. The 360 degrees awareness is experienced as the axis of a circle around the spine. It activates the higher chakras and is the basis for astral travel and telepathic communication with the higher Masters.

Our relaxing meditations are non-denominational and suitable for everyone regardless of their cultural or religious background or leaning. The awakening meditations cater to all ages from kids, children, teenagers, young adults to senior citizens. The healing meditations are equally beneficial to all – be they beginners who are new to meditation or advanced spiritual seekers who have been practicing for many years. Simply download them for free from the above links, find a quiet space to sit, relax with the soothing background meditation music and let yourself be guided by Mohanji’s script.

Experience it, enjoy it, benefit from it and be liberated.